enhance portraits

eg reduce wrinkles, remove blemishes, change colour of clothes, add digital frames,

correct fly-away hair, add backgrounds...


edit images for businesses

eg add labels, remove backgrounds, colour-correction, change product colours, resize...


convert images for the web or print

eg resize, optimise resolution, convert to suitable colour-space & file-type (png, tiff etc)...



eg add elements of various different images together, add text, blend backgrounds...


restore old & damaged photographs

eg scan to digital files, cropping, sharpening, colourising, reconstruct missing elements...


age newer images

 eg add sepia tones, reduce contrast, add subtle scratches & torn edges, blur backgrounds...


check your finished images via the web before receiving the final digital files on a usb stick


quotes available, based on $95 per hour timed to the minute


high-definition prints & canvasses available


and restoration


julian cowley

photography - art - design

copyright julian cowley, 2015

bayside, melbourne, australia